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Chances are, you or someone you know has struggled with chronic disease. You’re well aware that the struggle is endless and frustrating, and that certainly not all of it can be solved during a doctor’s appointment.
Conventional medicine doesn’t stand a chance against chronic disease. More doctors aren’t the answer.
What we need are people trained to support, listen to, and empower those suffering from diseases.
What we need are health coaches. The future of medicine depends on it. I’ve experienced first hand what it means to work with a healthcare professional who told me to “eat healthily” and assumed I knew how to go about that on my own.
How to shop, cook, prepare, and plan our food. I was terrified, confused, and gave up before even starting.
We all need a health coach with the ability to listen, empathize, and connect.
It’s the best hope we have of helping people change the behaviors that keep them stuck in a cycle of disease. I love collaborating with doctors and other practitioners, making an impact on a person’s life between doctors’ appointments.
If you need help, don’t sit in silence, get on my calendar, book a call.
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Stop Chronic Disease

About The Author

Katherine Hood

I was in the insurance industry for 22 years successfully tripling the size of my agency. I understand the insurance industry and the demands and challenges with finding qualified clients. For the past 9 years I have found my passion in the fitness and wellness industry. I am coaching clients across the US one on one and in a groups, with an easy and effective lifestyle change. Specializing in reducing high blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar levels and much more. I work with insurance agents clients referred to me, and have clients I that have sought out my services with the desire to obtain better insurance rates or coverage.

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