93% of Diets Fail

93% of Diets FailScore 0%Score 0%

First off, stop dieting!! Why go through misery and agony to end up back where you started or worse?

The fact that two-thirds of Americans say they are on a diet to improve their health, but very few are decreasing in size goes to show diets do not work.

Becoming the healthiest version of your self is complicated, much like riding a bicycle, and requires practice and the proper instruction.

93% of diets fail. Why? Because they lack one or more of these things:
A clear strategy
A clear process
Education, the why
Support, accountability
A healthy environment

The most significant most crucial part that solves all the others is the Support and Accountability.

Health coaches are non-judgmental accountability partners. They help you create long- and short-term goals based on the changes you want to make in your life, not just what you put in your mouth.

Goals are meaningless unless you take steps to reach them. Health coaches are partners that support and help create a healthy custom lifestyle so you can reach your goals but also maintain proper health long term—longevity and independence well into your late years of life.

Focus is often way too much on the scale. Sure it’s a tool I use, but it’s used because it’s in every household, and typically what everyone starts with, “I want to lose ___weight.” If the focus is too much on the scale, humans naturally gravitate to extreme measures to lower that number. What’s at risk? Damage to their internal organs, malnutrition, loss of muscle, and bone. Limit an entire food group and sink into a diet that excludes micro and macronutrients we need, and the body will find it internally. Diets will often turn your body into feeding on its self and at the risk of losing valuable muscle. The first thing that happens when the diet is over, the body goes into fat storage mode. This is why a calorie isn’t a calorie; this is why it’s more important to focus on the quality of the fuel (food) you put in your body.

Want Support and Accountability? Get a Coach!! I would love to help you reach your goals, extend your life span, and create real balance and joy in your life. Let’s jump on a call so I can learn more about you and create a plan. Click HERE.



93% of Diets Fail

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Katherine Hood

I was in the insurance industry for 22 years successfully tripling the size of my agency. I understand the insurance industry and the demands and challenges with finding qualified clients. For the past 9 years I have found my passion in the fitness and wellness industry. I am coaching clients across the US one on one and in a groups, with an easy and effective lifestyle change. Specializing in reducing high blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar levels and much more. I work with insurance agents clients referred to me, and have clients I that have sought out my services with the desire to obtain better insurance rates or coverage.

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