Affirmations for Weight Loss

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Positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your life and health.

Is life happening to you, or is life happening for you?

Personal power is Being able to respond, not react, to whatever life throws at you.

Having the tools and power that keep you moving forward and not derail you.

Who is responsible for your happiness and health?

You are!

Stop blaming others; we are responsible for our own choices and actions.

Become aware of your thoughts, your feelings, and your choices.

Positive thinking means that you approach unpleasantness more positively and productively. You think the best is going to happen, not the worst.

Positive thinking often starts with self-talk.

What are the thoughts and things you say to your self daily?

What are you telling people about your health and goals?

Do you say things like: “I want to get healthy.” “I want to start eating right.”

These are great but not sufficient. Learning positive self-talk and taking on an identity with daily practice will transform your life.

How we do one thing is how we do all things. Also, every aspect of our lives impacts other areas.

Here’s what I suggest, the first step would be to challenge yourself and write out 100 things you are grateful for. This will get you in the mindset of positivity and creativity. With this list, keep each item very specific. Instead of “I am grateful for my family,” have each person in your family be a line item.

Next step, after completing your 100 lists, get a new piece of a paper move to creating your affirmations. Affirmations are useless if they don’t mean something to you personally. Printing them off from Pinterest is fine, but do you genuinely believe in them? Maybe a few. Use Pinterest to get ideas, but your list needs to be true to you.

Start your affirmations with these two words, “I am.” These two words are the most powerful in the English language.

All should be in the positive, shouldn’t have to say that, however, if we aren’t used to being in a positive mindset, the negative might creep in.

  • Here are some examples:
  • “I am releasing weight.”
  • “I am ready for perfect health.”
  • “I am healthy.”
  • “I am in love with my body in every phase.”
  • “I am listening to what my body needs from me.”
  • “I am willing to forgive myself and others.”
  • “I am patient with myself and my body.”
  • “I am transforming my lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle.”

Hope this helps, this is my area of passion and love to help anyone eager to learn.



Affirmations for Weight Loss

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I was in the insurance industry for 22 years successfully tripling the size of my agency. I understand the insurance industry and the demands and challenges with finding qualified clients. For the past 9 years I have found my passion in the fitness and wellness industry. I am coaching clients across the US one on one and in a groups, with an easy and effective lifestyle change. Specializing in reducing high blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar levels and much more. I work with insurance agents clients referred to me, and have clients I that have sought out my services with the desire to obtain better insurance rates or coverage.

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