All The Things you Have to Juggle in a Day with Diabetes

All The Things you Have to Juggle in a Day with DiabetesScore 0%Score 0%

Finding out you have diabetes can at first seem overwhelming. And it is.
Your life can be turned upside down, and everything you believed or thought was right about food is now confusing.

Going shopping is stressful and complicated. I have cried many times in the isles trying to figure out labels and wade through all the marketing messages telling me it’s ok to have this or that. Then there are the cravings, things I want to have, and why can’t I have this? Justifying in my mind that I can still have something that I crave and trying to figure out how I can fit it in somehow.

There are four things you need to do every day without question, rain, shine, feeling tired, sad, or stressed out.

Eat healthy food, learn how to shop, prepare, and plan healthy meals with a variety of foods that your own unique body approves of(blood glucose tested post-meal).

Get regular exercise, every Sunday plan out your week, finding 150 minutes in your week to move! It doesn’t have to be “exercise” can be a brisk walk; divide out the 150 minutes however fits where you live (some of my clients live in climates its winter half the year) your busy schedule and no more than an hour at a time.

Take your diabetes medicine. Always have a good supply of lancets, needles, two monitors, blood pressure monitor(this is so important), a notebook or journal, test strips, and never run out of your medication, stay on top of your supply, always have enough just in case (not often but sometimes there can be a shortage, or you never want to go a day or weeks without being on top of your diabetes).

Test your blood sugar, frequently(fasted/1st thing in the morning, and 1-2 hours after meals), and keep a record of your food, water, rest, stress, and any changes in your moods, aches, and pains. Documents so detailed if they were to be audited by the diabetes IRS you would get accredited for a job well done. Some foods, recipes can be ok for one person and not another, the internet can be an excellent resource for tips and advice but bottom line each body is different and find out what your body responds well to is essential.

Need help in creating a healthy lifestyle? Want support, guidance, accountability, and an app to track all the things that will lead you to feel your best and managing your daily healthy habits? I am here for you, let’s have a conversation to see how I can support you. CLICK HERE




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