You only have 24 hours a day. The hours spent asleep are as important, if not more important than those spent awake. Night-T will maximize your night hours. It will help reduce stress levels in your body, increase natural growth hormone levels, and ensure better natural sleep. All to help you effectively recover from the effort you put forth and provide optimum output the next day!

This is a great product to use for 30-90 days to get your body used to sleep 8 hours a day. Some individuals need a little help getting into a consistent routine, and this product is a perfect fit if you workout/train and want to get quality recovery sleep.

Lots of clients report having wild dreams/nightmares, but this is a sign of excellent REM Sleep.

As you get your much needed, revitalizing rest at night, your body goes through various sleep cycles. Each phase of sleep is essential and beneficial to your body and mind, but REM sleep is especially fascinating because it increases brain activity, promotes learning, and creates dreams.

REM Sleep

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. During this cycle of your sleep, your eyes will move and dart quickly beneath your eyelids. During REM sleep, your brain activity increases, your pulse quickens, and you have dreams. REM sleep first takes place after you’ve been sleeping for around 90 minutes. The first cycle usually lasts about 10 minutes, and each cycle time will increase to as long as one hour in the last phase before you awake.

Why is REM Sleep Important?

REM sleep is essential to your sleep cycle because it stimulates the areas of your brain that are essential in learning and making or retaining memories. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, a study depriving rats of REM sleep significantly shortened their life span, from two or three years to five weeks. Rats deprived of all sleep cycles lived only three weeks. The importance of REM sleep, in particular, is attributed to the fact that during this phase of sleep, your brain exercises meaningful neural connections, which are vital to mental and overall well-being and health.

This isn’t a gender-specific product, I use it for repair/recovery of my muscles, and to promote deep sleep for anyone wanting deep sleep with weight loss ingredients to try Core-21 instead.

  • Promote Deep, Healthy Sleep
  • Speed Up Recovery Time
  • Elevate Testosterone Production

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