Opti Greens Smoothie

Opti Greens SmoothieScore 0%Score 0%

 1 Scoop Level 1 Vanilla Ice Cream

 1-2 Scoops Opti-greens 50

 1/4 cup dry oats

 1 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk or Coconut Milk

 1/2 cup ice


Macros: Calories 279, Protein 28, Carbs 25, Fat 7



Opti Greens Smoothie

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Katherine Hood

I was in the insurance industry for 22 years successfully tripling the size of my agency. I understand the insurance industry and the demands and challenges with finding qualified clients. For the past 9 years I have found my passion in the fitness and wellness industry. I am coaching clients across the US one on one and in a groups, with an easy and effective lifestyle change. Specializing in reducing high blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar levels and much more. I work with insurance agents clients referred to me, and have clients I that have sought out my services with the desire to obtain better insurance rates or coverage.

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