Portion Distortion in America and at our Dinner Table

Portion Distortion in America and at our Dinner TableScore 0%Score 0%

Restaurants are serving more substantial and larger portions, why??
Because that is what their patrons are demanding, they get a better rating if they serve gigantic portions. Why is it hard to find healthy options, well people aren’t ordering healthy foods, and remember healthy foods spoil, spoilage in a restaurant is a waste of money.

Did you know that bagels, donuts, muffins, and cake slices in stores, bakeries, and restaurants have gone up in some cases 400% in size over the past 20 years? In one day, you would consume 1,595 more calories than if you had the same foods at typical portions served 20 years ago.

Research shows that people unintentionally consume more calories when faced with more substantial portions.

Vegetables 1-2 cupped hands
Protein Palm of your hand, thickness, width, and length
Grains 1 fist or less
Berries palm of your hand
Healthy fats tip of your thumb (2 maximum a day)

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Portion Distortion in America and at our Dinner Table

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